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Endoscopic Endonasal

Endonasal endoscopic approaches are increasingly used for managing disorders as pituitary adenomas, CSF rhinorrhoea. With better instrumentation, more complex pathologies as skull base meningioma, clival lesions, odontoidectomy, optic nerve decompression to name a few can also be performed with minimal morbidity and good results. The endoscopes allow for improved visualisation as compared to conventional microscopy. More appropriate bone removal can be done which aids in much better tumor excision.
Navigation aids in endoscopic endonasal approaches. This allows for precise drilling of bone, better delineation of nasal anatomy and avoid exposure to radiation. In addition, in those with recurrence, this is a very helpful modality.
Various conditions routinely dealth with this modality are pituitary adenoma, CSF rhinorrhoea, sellar masses, fungal infections and CSF rhinorrhoea.