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Spinal Tumours — Intradural Extramedullary

Spinal tumours are of various types. One of the common ones are known as IDEM — short form for intradural extra medullary tumours as per their relation of the spinal cord. These are primarily of two types — meningiomas and schwanommas.
These can be operated by Minimally Invasive surgical techniques with good neurological outcomes. We present a case of 65 year old patient with such a tumour located at C2-C3 level (Images 1,2,3). The tumour is on the right side causing significant compression and displacement of the spinal cord towards the left. Patient underwent hemi-laminectomy and gross total excision of the tumour. Patient has recovered well and follow up scan shows no residual tumour. (Images 4,5,6) The post op scan also shows the cord has come back to its normal position. Neurosurgical microscope. Neurosurgical drills. CUSA — Ultrasonic aspirator.
Intra-operative Aids used —
-Neurosurgical microscope.
-Neurosurgical drills.
- CUSA — Ultrasonic aspirator.