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Traumatic Brain Injury

Head injury is the most common cause of mortality and morbidity in road traffic accident patients. A dedicated neurosurgery team is essential for the optimal management of head injuries.
Dr.Nitin Garg's motto in managing these patients is "Time is Brain". With a Level-I trauma centre at Bansal Hospital, a team of emergency doctors, radiologists, ICU specialists, anaesthetists, maxillofacial surgeons, orthopaedicians, physical medical rehabilitation experts and physiotherapists is available round the clock.
Head injuries like extra-dural, acute subdural hematomas, contusions, diffuse axonal injuries, maxillofacial injuries, associated spinal injuries are managed. After neseccary stabilisation in the emergency, CT scan is done to assess the nature and severity of the head injury. Those requiring surgical intervention are immediately taken up for surgical evacuation of the clot.
Continuous intensive monitoring to have a serial neurological assessment is done in ICU. ICP monitoring is done in those with imaging suggestive of significantly raised ICP and poor neurological status.
Post-recovery, rehabilitation is an important aspect to hasten the neurological recovery. A dedicated team of PMR specialist and physiotherapists focus on this aspect improve the functionality.
Some of these patients have co-existant spine injuries. They have unstable spine and require MRI imaging to plan appropriate intervention. With the availability of inhouse facilities, such critical patients can undergo radiological investigations like CT and MRI scans as and when required without the need to shift the patients out of the hospital.
Following physical recovery, special emphasis is paid to allow them to integrate with the society. Cognitive retraining is undertaken to allow for recovery of higher mental functions.