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Dr nitin garg

Orbital tumor

Orbital tumors result in proptosis and visual impairment. Transcranial approaches are utilised for superior, medial, lateral quadrant lesions of the orbit.
This patient had extra-axial proptosis of the right eye. Imaging was suggestive of extra-conal lesion involving supero-medial quadrant of the orbit. Her vision was intact. She underwent Frontal Craniotomy , orbital osteotomy and gross total excision of the tumor. The lesion was moderately vascular. Following excision, bone was repositioned and fixed with mini-plates.
Post-op, patient recovered well with resolution of proptosis.
Aids used: Neurosurgical drills, Reciprocating saw, Microscope, Navigation, CUSA

Pre-operative image of patient with proptosis of right eye

Pre-operative CT scan with tumor in medial quadrant

Pre-operative MRI with intraorbital tumor in right orbit situated in medio-superior quadrant

Intra-op image -- post-craniotomy exposing the orbital rim

Orbital osteotomy done alongwith the roof the the orbit.

Peri-orbita exposed with underlying tumor.

Post-op photo with resolution of proptosis
Dr Nitin Garg