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Dr nitin garg

Operating microscope

Vascular Neurosurgery deals with managing disorders of the intracranial blood vessels.
Brain and spinal cord are very delicate and complex structures. Operating microscope helps the surgeons in providing proper illumination, stereoscopic vision and magnification. Important neurovascular structures can be seen clearly and preserved thereby improving the results. Operating neurosurgical microscope is a vital piece of equipment for performing microscopic neurosurgery. At Bansal Hospital, there is a dedicated neurosurgical microscope with an assistant view piece to allow for precise assistance during complex surgeries. There is a HD camera with a monitor to allow the other OT personnel to see the images on a monitor so that they are aware of the stage of surgery. The microscope also has infrared camera for intra-operative ICG angiography. This is useful in aneurysm surgeries to provide a real-time feedback about optimal placement of aneurysm clip
Availability of intraoperative ICG angiography provides real-time intra-operative information regarding adequacy of aneurysm. Any residual filling of the aneurysm can be corrected by adjusting the clip. Inadequate flow in parent vessels or distal vessels following clipping can also be detected and clip can be repositioned.

Operating microscope -- Leica with HD camera and Infrared camera for ICG angiography
Dr Nitin Garg